A truly unique Consultancy

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Who we are

The Hundreds of Years Consultancy Network is a collection of subject experts who enjoy helping to resolve issues using our individual decades of experience. We are mostly in employment, in managerial or technical roles, or running our own businesses, although some of us have retired (because we can) but have not lost our ability to harness and impart the knowledge we have accrued.

The Network has personal knowledge of every one of its consultants, being colleagues, friends and family members. We all take satisfaction in putting our skills to use, charging where appropriate or assisting out of pure interest. We will always look for the simplest solution to a problem, and as a completely independent 3rd party with real world experience, are able to put your interests first.

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Who we are not

None of us are looking for full time consultancy work as we are already engaged elsewhere. However, many issues, problems and opportunities can be resolved or structured quite quickly and remotely, without the need for face-to-face meetings or travelling - this can enable you to get access to our experience without additional expense or preamble. 

Although we have many professional qualifications between us, we are not substitutes for specialised professionals in Law, Accountancy, HR or Marketing, for example, who will be up-to-date in their field and can run part of your business or events for you, charging accordingly. Neither are we the internet, where you can often gain access to good free advice in online forums, but such dealings are public and can be superficial.

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Our interface with you

Everything starts with email, partly because we like to think things over before we jump in, and also as our Facilitator is employed. We will say if we do not feel able to help, or work out with you the best way to proceed and progress. 

Hoycon will treat your issues with total confidentiality, and only ask for information relevant to the matter in hand, getting straight to the point.

What have you got to lose by contacting us?